Who We Are

The Sri Lanka Society for Transport & Logistics (SLSTL) was set up in 2014 to create a professional environment to discuss the issues in Transport and Logistics sector and to recommend sustainable solutions to improve the sector. Furthermore, it aims to promote research and development in collaboration with the industries to develop Sri Lanka as a true logistics hub. Those who have obtained post graduate qualifications in transport & logistics field and those who are actively engaged in professional and research work in the respective areas of specialization are part of this professional institute.

On 15th September 2015, the STSTL was admitted to the Eastern Asia Society for Transport Studies (EASTS) as its 19th domestic member. Domestic Societies in all ASEAN countries are members of EASTS which is widely held as the most prestigious research society for transport & logistics in Asia. Thus Sri Lanka now belongs to one of the most well established and re-known transport research societies in Asia.

The inaugural International Conference on Research for Transport & Logistics Industry (R4TLI) was held in association with the Chartered Institute of Transport & Logistics on 3rd and 4th June 2016 in Colombo.

Our Objective

The objectives of the Society shall be as follows;

  • To provide and maintain an active network of professionals engaged in transport and logistics for the promotion of continuing professional development that would contribute towards the progress of the transport & logistics industry in Sri Lanka;
  • To promote, develop, provide, certify or accredit professional and educational study programs for members and non-members already engaged in or expecting to enter the transport & logistics industry in Sri Lanka;
  • To encourage the financing, conduct, presentation, publication and other forms of dissemination of research, innovation, and development in transport & logistics,
  • To establish linkages with other domestic, regional and international bodies with similar objectives
  • To hold conferences and meetings for the presentation and discussion of professional affairs, the reading of papers and the delivery of lectures for the benefit of members and non-members;
  • To consider all public questions, issues and other related matters connected with transport & logistics industry in Sri Lanka and to advise and communicate with the relevant stakeholders including public authorities, regulators, providers and with individuals;
  • To endeavor to provide a professional opinion on legislative and other measures affecting the transport & logistics industry in Sri Lanka;
  • To collect and circulate statistics and other information relating to transport & logistics industry;
  • To serve as a specialized body for the transport & logistics Industry for consultation by national, statutory and legislative bodies on issues of national significance;

  • To exercise professional supervision over the members of the Society, to safeguard their interests and welfare, to further their advancement, and to promote whatsoever that may lead to the improvement of the status of transport & logistics professionals in general and the members of the Society in particular;
  • To create a social forum for members and to provide members with information on career updates and job opportunities within and outside Sri Lanka;
  • To establish utilizing its own resources or through external funding, Scholarships and/or Fellowships to help those who intend to follow careers in the transport & logistics industry.
  • To prepare and maintain a register of professional practitioners engaged in transport & logistics;
  • To accredit professionals and institutions engaged in the teaching, research, and practice of transport & logistics in Sri Lanka and to seek recognition of such accreditation from other international bodies.
  • To grant the use of abbreviated designations for different professional categories of members and accredited institutions.
  • To borrow or raise funds for the purposes of the Society and for that purpose or for securing funds for the performance or discharge of any obligation or liability of the Society or for any other purpose to create, execute, grant, or issue any mortgages, bonds or obligations of the Society and to pay off and re-borrow the funds secured thereby or any part or parts thereof;
  • To purchase, dispose of, lease or deal with in any manner movable or immovable property for the Society;

Our Scope

The scope covered by the Sri Lanka Society of Transport & Logistics will include any area falling within the movements of passengers or goods through any mode of transport as well as any area of logistical support for this function. As such sub-sectors such as aviation, public transport, land transport, freight transport, maritime transport, warehousing and supply chain management will be considered as core areas of transport & logistics. Support areas of Information and Communication Technology, Economics, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Management, Mathematics, may also be considered as applicable on as the case may be.